Pool Service Terms


1. Service: Pool & Landscaping of Vistancia LLC provides weekly and twice-per-week pool/spa maintenance. Rate includes skimming, brushing, emptying baskets, checking chemicals and balancing, and checking equipment. Standard service includes chlorine tabs, liquid chlorine, soda ash, and acid. 


There will be a la carte pricing for shock treatments, algaecides, phosphate treatments, clarifiers, and enzymes as needed. 


Additional time cleaning the pool/spa beyond standard service may result in additional clean-up charges. (e.g. Clean Up during Monsoon Season, Landscaping Debris & Fall Season leaves) Service days of the week are not guaranteed and are subject to change to fit our routing needs. 


2. New Service: When a new account is established we require a filter inspection/clean at a rate of $120 (unless it is a new build) 


3. Additional Maintenance Blue Ray XL unit will be installed for the swim season (one one-time $120 billed in March or April) this treatment is a 7-in-1 product and lasts up to 6 months it works as a: • Flocculant • Oxidation Catalyst • Phosphate Neutralizer • pH Stabilizer • Lignin Neutralizer • Water Polisher • (COD) Reducer 

Filter cleans are performed every 4 months at $120 each. If you choose our all-inclusive Premier service plans Blue Ray and Filter Cleans are included at no additional charge. 


 4. Billing: We offer two billing due dates for client convenience. Due dates are the 1st and the 15th we will typically send out the billing on the 20th for the 1st billing cycle and 10th for the 15th billing cycle roughly one  week prior to date due. If there is a card or ACH is on file it will be ran once bill in generated in the system. A card or ACH on file for auto-billing can be added on the client portal. If a bill goes 10 days past due there is a $10 late fee that will be applied. Service will be interrupted if the billing lapses for more than 30 days. All prices are subject to change with written notice. 


5. Communication: We send out email service reports after every service this report will contain important information regarding challenges we see and suggested solutions. We also send out a newsletter to keep all clients informed of any important news and customer education. You must have an email on file and a cell phone to make sure you receive these important system notifications to keep you up to date. Email communications will be sent from the following email brian@plofv.com please make sure email is not blocked on your spam filter. 


6. Missed Service Calls & Holidays: In the event your service falls on a holiday, service will be rescheduled. In the event of rain or lightning on your service day, the pool/spa may not be serviced on your service day for safety reasons. If service or partial services are rendered, service will not be rescheduled. (If you believe that a service call was missed for reasons other than those stated previously, please contact Pool & Landscaping of Vistancia LLC within 24 hours, and your service will be made up.) Every year we take our vacation time during non-crucial seasons of the year. We will be on vacation the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year. Every year 4 months have 5 weeks, we only bill you for 4 weeks in those months to allow for these vacation days. During these off weeks, the customer will be responsible for the pool/spa. 


7. Repairs: Repairs under $100 will be performed without prior notification. Repairs above the amount listed here will require authorization from the customer via signature. Any equipment purchased will not be refunded if repair is canceled after payment has been made you will receive an account credit minus labor cost with Pool & Landscaping of Vistancia LLC. 



8. Termination: You are not entering a service agreement but rather setting the proper expectations and acknowledging you accept all the stated terms of service. Service can be terminated at any time by either party. We strongly believe in our service quality and if you are ever unsatisfied in any way you have the right to terminate service and any charges will be prorated up to the last date serviced. 


* Disclaimer: Pool & Landscaping of Vistancia LLC will not be responsible for any damage to property due to acts of nature, fire, vandalism, misuse, or abuse. Pool & Landscaping of Vistancia LLC is not responsible for the performance of any chemicals it does not sell. CUSTOMER should be aware of the normal deterioration of equipment that occurs over time due to exposure to chemicals and sunlight. Due to these factors, Pool & Landscaping of Vistancia LLC recommends other annual services (e.g., an Annual tune-up of equipment, filter cleanings, etc.) above normal maintenance. The CUSTOMER is responsible for maintaining the correct water level and keeping trees and plants trimmed away from the pool/spa and equipment. Pool & Landscaping of Vistancia LLC is not responsible for any damages or deterioration caused by the failure of CUSTOMER to perform other services recommended by Pool & Landscaping of Vistancia LLC or by the failure of CUSTOMER to properly maintain pool and equipment between visits. If you have any complaints or concerns regarding the frequency or completeness of service, you must call Pool & Landscaping of Vistancia LLC within 24 hours after the service occurred or was scheduled to have occurred.